Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons


Captain Scarlet

In the 21st century, the nightmare of H.G. Wells comes true. An expedition to the planet Mars results in the accidental destruction of an old Martian city, causing a mysterious force, called the Mysterons, to retaliate. The Mysterons appear to posses the ability to recreate anyone (or any object) they have previously destroyed, thereby gaining complete control over the person in question. The Earth is thus confronted with a host of enemy agents, which are indistinguishable from normal human beings.


The Spectrum defence organisation

The secret defence organisation Spectrum is charged with the arduous task to withstand the alien threat. All major agents of Spectrum use colours as code name.
Leader of Spectrum is Colonel White (51). He is a former Fleet Admiral in the British Navy and a former agent in the Secret Service.
The most valuable Spectrum agent is Captain Scarlet (32). Because of his rapid military career (Airforce Colonel at the age of 24) he was approached by Spectrum. After an unsuccesful attempt of the Mysterons to take over his body, Scarlet has become virtually indestructible. Moreover, he can detect the presence of humans who are taken over by the Martian enemy.
Captain Blue (33), the right hand of Captain Scarlet, was a test pilot at the World Astronautic Society and an agent of the American Secret Service.
Lieutenant Green is the communications officer on board Cloudbase.
The leader of the unfortunate Mars expedition, Captain Black (40), was the first to be taken over by the Mysterons. He is now the most dangerous Martian agent on Earth.
Five beautiful girls in their 20s, most of them working as airline pilots, were appointed by Spectrum to form the Angel squadron.


Spectrum equipment

Cloudbase, apparently a flying aircraft carrier, is the headquarters of Spectrum.
Spectrum Persuit Vehicles (SPV's) are hidden in secret locations all over the Earth, where they can be 'requisitioned' by Spectrum agents.
A hypersonic jet, as flown by the five Angels. Apparently, engine problems have urged the pilot to eject...


Contact with The Mysterons!

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Taking advantage of his life-long study of the universe, Dr. Bob has managed to establish a procedure to contact the Mysterons. Visitors of this site may use this procedure, although strictly at their own risk. Dr. Bob explicitly disclaims all responsibility for any damage sustained.
If you understand the risks, power up your speakers, use Microsoft's Internet Explorer for maximum vulnerability, and click the link below!

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